Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals: A Guide for Beginners

Throughout the course of time, crystals have been implemented for their many healing benefits.

Although they are truly lovely when it comes to jewelry, crystals serve a much deeper and spiritual purpose in our lives.

The healing power of crystals can be defined as an ancient metaphysical art that can bring about tranquility and prosperity.

This prosperity can be found in many different forms, such as the inevitable emotional, physical, and mental components of life that we face on a daily basis.

Through vibrations, crystals can help us to heal and find solace. Each crystal contains its own unique healing properties which can be used to improve the quality of your life for the better.

Here is a beginner’s guide to the healing power of crystals.

What Are Crystals?

Believe it or not, crystals are much more than perfect items composed of atoms to place on silver or gold.

If you were to ask a geologist, a specific crystal would most likely be defined according to its shape, size, and chemical composition.

Their atomic symmetry is fascinating to geologists because the structure of a crystal is repeated in all directions.

This feature also draws jewelers and consumers alike to crystals, which is why they generally include a hefty price tag.

However, crystals are more than gorgeous works of natural art from the earth: they have true healing capabilities which are alluring to many.

Crystals can take several hundreds of thousands of years to form and grow. Some crystals even take a few million years to fully form.

They’ve been around for way longer than we have, which can be one reason why many proponents of crystal healing believe in their healing abilities.

Crystals, as magnificent and beautiful as they are, have been used for alternative medical techniques to cure various ailments and diseases. They have frequently been described as conduits of healing.

How Do Crystals Work?

For the most part, crystals function as decorative pieces used commonly for commercialized and customized jewelry. However, if you’re referring to crystals for their healing properties, they function in a much different way.

Crystals far transcend the typical use of jewelry: their assistance in healing is truly worth noting.

A very common question when first learning about the healing capabilities of crystals is how they work. Crystal healing involves placing gemstones on particular areas of the body in order to draw out negative energy associated with illness.

The theory that crystals can facilitate healing has been in place for at least six thousand years; it is believed that they were first used by the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Ancient Egyptians have also been referenced as relying on crystals such as lapis lazuli, carnelian, and turquoise to treat illness and ward off negative energy.

However, many Asian cultures – especially the Chinese – believe in life-energy, which is commonly referred to as “chi.” Chi is stored in the Hindu and Buddhist concepts of chakras.

When there is negative chi stored inside of the various chakras which each have their own connection to a particular area of the body, a crystal can be placed on that area to remove any harmful energy.

It’s fairly interesting to see the tremendous impact that crystals have had and continue to have on a variety of different cultures throughout the course of time.

How Do I Choose a Crystal?

If you have found that the concept of healing crystals is intriguing and you would like to get started, you will need to begin by finding a crystal.

One of the easiest ways to find a crystal is to research stores that sell them in your area and then take a visit to each location. Many crystal experts believe that a crystal finds you and that it is not the other way around.

In order to choose a crystal – or rather, let the crystal find you – it is a good idea to walk around a store full of crystals and determine which one draws you in the most.

Could it be its mesmerizing colors, or maybe its asymmetrical shape? Perhaps the crystal has a story to tell, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.

One thing is for sure: each crystal has its own unique energy, and whether or not that energy speaks to you is imperative.

Crystals are all incredibly breathtaking in appearance, so remember that having patience is critical when it comes to determining the correct one for your soul.

Once a crystal speaks to you, hold it in your hand and check for hot or cold sensations, pulsations, or feelings of tranquility.

If you notice any of these characteristics, then that crystal is more than likely the right fit for you and your healing intentions.

How to Use Crystals

After you have found a few crystals that you can identify with, you can begin using them for healing purposes.

To properly use them as a means of healing, make sure that you set your intention. Your intention is when you assign your crystal a job and a purpose.

After all, crystals are quite willing to work with you, but you have to let them know what goal you are attempting to achieve.

This might take a bit of soul-searching: what do you wish to accomplish in your life that can be supported with the help of crystal healing?

Maybe you are suffering from depression or anxiety and would like your selection of chosen crystals to aid in your journey to conquer these ailments.

When you connect with your crystals, make sure that your intentions are passed through their vibrations. With the help of crystals, you can profoundly improve areas of your life that had been previously unpleasant.

This includes your overall state of well-being, your career, how you relate to others through your social life, and much more.

Make sure that you confidently believe and stand by your intentions, because they work just like magnets: they attract anything and everything that can help them come true.

How to Clean Crystals

There is no doubt that crystals are composed of not only atoms but healing energy as well, which makes them highly valuable in terms of their spiritual, mental, and physical benefits.

That is why cleaning your crystals is a significant aspect of owning them. Your crystals take care of you, so you need to take care of them in turn.

Washing them by rinsing them under a faucet can work, but when it comes to providing your crystals with a true luxury cleansing, take them to the ocean.

Of course, that is only a viable option if you live near the sea. If you do, keep them safely secured so that the ocean waves do not sweep them away!

After you have rinsed your crystals with water, take them outside to soak in the sun.

The natural energy of the sun will be healing for your crystals; however, you can also let them dry in the moonlight as well.

As you set each crystal down to dry, think of at least one thing you would like to let go of.

However, do not attempt to let go of more than five things, since this can lower the vibrations of your crystals.

Now that you have found the crystals that speak directly to your soul and they have been cleansed with water, you can begin meditation.

To meditate with crystals, it is imperative that you learn how to meditate beforehand.

Meditation is not always the easiest task for the busy mind, but with practice, it can absolutely be accomplished. It is incredibly beneficial to learn meditation since it cleanses the mind, body, and spirit.

To meditate with crystals, make sure to incorporate at least one quartz stone and one selenite as well.

A quartz crystal is an excellent tool because it can be programmed to focus directly on the task of meditation.

It is used to help you uncover the clarity of your dreams.

Selenite is used for meditation to release negative energy and blockages while simultaneously cleansing your body.

As you meditate, it is a good idea to place a crystal on each chakra area. This includes the following chakra areas:

  • Root chakra
  • Sacral chakra
  • Solar plexus chakra
  • Heart chakra
  • Throat chakra
  • Third eye chakra
  • Crown chakra

As you meditate, allow your crystals to release any negative energy so that you can awaken the higher consciousness of your mind.

Angel Healing Crystals

If you thought that meditation with the powerful use of crystals was enough, then think again.

Angel healing crystals actually provide an even deeper level of therapeutic benefits.

With angel healing crystals, you can combine the restorative power of angels and crystals in one take.

If you have ever had any spiritual inclinations, crystals can truly expose you to an angelic realm.

Becoming closer to the angels who watch after you is possible when you employ the use of angel healing crystals.

The best crystals to use when you are connecting to your spiritual counselors are amethyst, Angelite, apophyllite, celestite, moldavite, and selenite.

Crystals can help you to awaken your heart and third eye chakras.

These chakras should be opened when you connect with angels and archangels. Thankfully, crystals contain properties that lend themselves naturally to the heart and third eye chakras.

One interesting theory about crystals is that they are the actual physical manifestation of angelic light beings. This theory was carried out by Rudolph Steiner.

There is no denying the beauty that can be found through a crystal, and if an angelic light being is manifested through the form of a crystal, then it is an even better reason to incorporate them into your healing meditation.

For over six thousand years, crystals have been trusted for their healing benefits.

Whether you wish to meditate with them or use them as a way to connect with your angels, crystals are impeccable tools for curing ailments and illnesses.

Healing Crystals Guide


aegirine crystalsKnown as the Stone of Integrity, Aegirine is a noble crystal that aligns your mind with your most deeply held convictions.

This crystal helps us overcome excessive self-consciousness, and can provide protection from negative energies.

Aegirine can also help us overcome negative psychic states such as jealousy and hatred, and protect us from psychic attacks.


agateKnown as the “Earth Rainbow”, Agate has a distinctly slow vibrational frequency which offers a stabilizing and strengthening influence to its user.

Agate can be used to enhance our self-confidence, maturity, and emotional stability, and when used as an amulet, it can provide protection from freak accidents.


AmberOften called the “Gold of the Sea”, Amber has been cherished for millennia as a talisman of light, life, and perpetual renewal.

This beautiful seaborne crystal is a purifying substance which promotes healing and reduces pain.

Amber is often worn as a necklace, bracelet or sewn into clothing, providing protection from harm and negative energies.


almandineGenerally used for its restorative and regenerative powers, Almandine is known to increase willpower and can help us dispel all kinds of negative influences.

Due to its ability to increase fertility and sexual potency, Almandine is also used to enhance love relationships.


amazonite-crystalFamous for its blue-green color, Amazonite has a naturally soothing and calming influence, which is why it is known as the “Stone of Courage”.

Amazonite is known to dispel all kinds of negative energies and can be helpful to those who are dealing with stress in the workplace and at home.

Amazonite is also good for business, attracting customers, investors, and good luck in any financial venture.


Amethystamethyst-crystal is known primarily for its beautiful purple color, which has made it widely sought after and cherished for ages.

Amethyst enhances creativity and intelligence, offering a calming and protective influence which can be extremely helpful for those who are suffering from hyperactivity and OCD.

Andranite Garnet

andranite-garnetOften called the “Stone of Emotional Strength”, Andradite is a type of garnet which promotes spiritual strength and empowerment.

Andranite Garnet helps us heal our bodies and strengthen our immune systems.

It is also known to promote the assimilation of vital minerals and nutrients, increasing energy and physical vitality.

Apatite (Blue)

apatiteBlue Apatite is known as the Stone of Manifestation because its vibration enhances your ability to attract abundance and opportunity.

Apatite clears away any confusion that may have been holding you back, providing the ambition and clarity necessary to attract success into your life.

Apatite (Green)

Green Apatite is a healing stone whose vibration connects the mind with the wisdom of the heart.

Used to combat a feeling of apathy or listlessness, Green Apatite can help you “wake up” and regain your old enthusiasm and zest for life.

Apatite (Yellow)

Apatite is known as the positive action stone, clearing away apathy, confusion, and negative energy.

Yellow Apatite helps people to strengthen their self-assertiveness and courage, giving them the spiritual strength to take risks in the pursuit of their dreams.

Yellow Apatite also promotes a lively and sociable attitude, helping you to be more outgoing.


Aquamarineaquamarine is known as the “Stone of the Sea”, and its appearance reminds us of the soothing waters of the ocean.

Associated with the energy of the Throat Chakra, Aquamarine helps us to be open in our communications, enhancing our verbal abilities and negotiating powers.

Aura Quartz

aura-quartzKnown as the “New Age Stone”, Aura Quartz has a shimmering beauty that is enchanting.

Aura Quartz is used to provide protection during pregnancy and inspiration for all of our creative ventures.

The energy of Aura Quartz is known to transform obstacles into opportunities and inspire us to new personal and professional heights.

Aventurine (Green)

qventurineOften called the “Stone of Opportunity”, Green Aventurine is among the luckiest of all crystals, providing an uplifting vibrational energy that attracts prosperity, wealth, and success in games of chance.

Green Aventurine is also known to soothe quick tempers and heal emotional rifts between spouses.

Aventurine (Red)

Called the “Stone of Action”, Red Aventurine is known for its ability to promote manifestation through enlightened activity.

Red Aventurine promotes vitality, renewal, and personal power, instilling the user with confidence and a ‘can-do’ attitude.


Azuriteazurite-crystal is a potent crystal imbued with psychic energy, resonating with the vibration of the Third-eye Chakra.

Known as the “Stone of Heaven”, Azurite promotes psychic and spiritual abilities, bringing us into direct alignment with the spiritual vision and our intuitive powers.


Bloodstonebloodstone-crystal is a green Jasper marbled with spots of an earthy red and is often called the “Sun Stone”.

This gem offers protection from bullies and physical threats for all who carry it.

Bloodstone also offers us clarity, heightened intuition, and creativity.

Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedonyblue-chalcedony is often referred to as the “Speaker’s Stone” because it encourages us to choose our word’s carefully.

This stone is extremely useful to anyone whose work requires speaking well, including lawyers, teachers, and salespeople.

Blue Lace Agate

blue-lace-agateThis light blue agate has a soft and elegant appearance and is calming and soothing to those who own them.

The energy of Blue Lace Agate dispels fears and judgments, dissolving internal blockages that cause doubt and worry.

Botswana Agate

These gorgeous crystals display bands of pink, brown, and gray that offer a stabilizing and protective energy that is extremely soothing.

Botswana Agatesbotswana agate crystal are lucky stones that have been known to improve a person’s odds in games of chance, and can also help us overcome addictions by clearing us of toxicity.

Brandberg Amethyst

Brandberg Amethyst CrystalFamous for its curative powers, Brandberg Amethyst is known as the “Master Healer” because of its ability to promote the health and vitality of all of those wearing it.

Brandberg Amethyst is used to promote speedy recovery, overcome addictions, and restore balance, health, and renewed energy to everyone who uses it.



Cacoxenite is an earthy brown crystal found in other host crystals like Amethyst and Quartz, and is known as the Stone of Ascension because it makes whatever it is paired with even more powerful.

The vibrational energies of this crystal align us with the highest spiritual energies in the Universe, promoting increased spiritual awareness, healing, and wisdom.


carnelian-crystalOften called the “Singer’s Stone”, this fiery crystal brings a jolt of warmth and joy that can enrich and empower us.

The energy of Carnelian crystals can help anyone who is involved in a training regimen, a new creative project, or money-making venture, by providing them with great energy, joy, and confidence.


celestite-crystalAs its name suggests, Celestite is the stone of communication with the Heavens, and can help us connect with the Angels and Ascended Masters quickly and easily.

Use Celestine to get angelic guidance, or when you need protection and healing. This stone is also known to promote feelings of peace and tranquility.


Charoitecharoite synthesizes the energies of the Crown and Heart Chakras, bringing our highest spiritual energies “down-to-Earth” where they are most functional.

Charoite offers healing to anyone who is lonely or alienated, providing a source of comfort to anyone who is experiencing adversity.

Chrysanthemum Stone

ChrysanthemumAlso known as the “Flower Stone”, the Chrysanthemum Stone is a symbol of optimism and positive energy.

When we wear, sleep with, or carry this flower-shaped crystal, its energy activates our dormant capabilities, helping us find our true path in life.


Chrysocollachrysocolla is known for its distinctive appearance, and its ability to enliven our personal forms of expression.

Known as the “Teaching Stone”, Chrysocolla encourages us to access our highest knowledge and express it through the use of our individual gifts and talents.


Warm, comforting, and energizing, Citrine is the elite stone for manifesting.

The vibration of Citrine transmutes, dissipates, and grounds negative energy, providing us with a safe and protected environment for manifesting success and abundance.

Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace AgateKnown as the “Laughter Stone”, or “Happy Lace”, the Crazy Lace Agate brings joy, levity, and encouragement to all who wear it.

The swirling and zig-zagging bands of color in Crazy Lace Agate promotes lively and agile mental states, freeing us from mental and emotional restrictions.


Copyright: epitavi / 123RF Stock Photo

Creedite, also known as the “Stone of Creative Vision”, is most often used to promote clarity and high meditative states.

Creedite promotes our spiritual health and the purity of our hearts, putting us in direct contact with our spirit guides and guardian angels.

Dalmatian Stone

dalmatian-stoneReminiscent of the fun and frenetic breed of dogs it is named for, Dalmatian Stone evokes an energy of playfulness and joy in all who carry them.

The presence of this joyful crystal promotes emotional harmony, friendship, bonds of kinship, and can even help us enjoy a sound and peaceful sleep at night.

Dendritic Agate

dendriticDendritic Agate helps us attract prosperity and wealth into our lives.

This rare form of agate has been treasured for thousands of years for its protective and nurturing qualities.

The energy of this powerful agate is perfect for anyone who needs to break free from the bonds of self-imposed limitations.


DiamondThe Diamond is the crystal of light, offering a high frequency that conducts, radiates, and amplifies the energy and warmth of the sun.

Diamonds assist in dispelling fear and anxiety and can calm those who are suffering from overactive imaginations.

Diamonds are also said to clear the environment from unwanted energetic configurations and entities.


emeraldThe emerald is associated with success in love and is used most effectively to reignite our passions. This passion can be for a lover, a career, or an intellectual interest.

While the Emerald invigorates the mind, it has a calming influence on the emotions, promoting self-esteem, creativity, and focus.

Fire Agate

fire-agateThe Fire Agate is a mysterious brown crystal that seems to be set afire from within with streaks of yellow, red, and orange.

Fire Agate is the stone of decisive action. By helping us to vanquish apathy and doubt, this crystal awakens our passions and connects us to our deepest desires.

Fluorite (Blue John)

One of the most highly prized and most frequently sought-after crystals, the Blue John form of Fluorite carries a vibration of personal change and deep, spiritual growth.

By opening up channels of communication between the material and spiritual realms, this form of Fluorite can bring us great clarity, freeing us from confusion, worry, and conflicting emotions.

Fluorite (Clear)

The clear form of Fluorite is known as the Stone of Mental Clarity, and resonates with the frequency of the Crown Chakra, inspiring fresh creative ideas.

Fluorite (Green)

Green Fluorite is extremely effective at clearing the negative energy from the environment, bringing a feeling of regeneration and renewal to your entire energetic system.

Green Fluorite also helps align our mind and heart, so our speech becomes kind, loving and useful.

Fluorite (Purple)

fluorite-crystalThis violet form of Fluorite is associated with the Third Eye Chakra and brings us a profound sense of peace as we come into direct connection with Spirit.

Purple Fluorite is also known as the “Dream Crystal” because of the protection it brings us during meditation and dream states.

Fluorite (Yellow)

Yellow or Golden Fluorite resonates with the energy of the Solar Plexus Chakra, offering us the mental and emotional strength to get things done and achieve our goals.

This energy can also bring a cooperative spirit into your home or work environment, promoting feelings of optimism and cooperation.


garnetUsually red, though sometimes appearing in a variety of colors, Garnet is best known for helping people put their creative talents and gifts to their best use.

As a powerful energizing crystal, Garnet brings our energies into balance, while it also strengthens and provides us with protection from negative forces.


gosheniteThis clear, pure crystal, is known as the Mother of All Crystals, and is associated with the Divine Feminine in all of its aspects.

By enhancing a our ability to think quickly, accurately, and clearly, Goshenite is a great help for single parents struggling to bring up children, as well as anyone who habitually procrastinates.

Grossular Garnet

As the Stone of Abundance, Grossular Garnet brings the perfect vibration to help smooth out our emotional extremes, allowing us to detoxify physically and emotionally.

Bringing us freedom from emotional turmoil, Grossular Garnet also activates our connection to Source Energy, helping us attract wealth, health, and abundance into our lives.


heliodor-crystalRadiating like the sun itself, this golden form of Beryl alleviates anxiety, making us less nervous and irritable.

Whether kept in your home, or worn as a gem, Heliodor is a protective stone that can keep you safe from the manipulations of others, unfriendly spirits, and negative forces of all kinds.

Herkimer Diamond

Known as the “Seeker’s Crystal”, the Herkimer Diamond is actually a form of clear quartz that act as the perfect energetic conduits for the forces of life and light.

One of the most effective uses for Herkimer Diamonds is as attunement stones, helping a group of people attune themselves to a particular environment, and also connecting individuals who have been apart.


hiddeniteThis vibrant green gem encourages emotional and spiritual growth, providing us with hope even when we are experiencing difficulties.

Known as the “Stone of Evolution”, Hiddenite eases emotional distress and protects us from negativity.


ioliteOnce known as the Viking’s Compass, Iolite is the perfect antidote for anyone who feels that they are cursed.

The energy of Iolite helps people become more emotionally balanced and self-assured. The stabilizing energy of this crystal can help you overcome debt and other financial problems.


jadeTraditional green Jade is said to bring blessings to anyone it touches, balancing the nervous system, and soothing our heart rhythms.

Jade is worn primarily to fend off illness and provide protection to everyone in the environment.

Jade (Black)

This variety of Jade emits a vibration that is protective and strong, allowing the user to overcome negative energies and self-limiting thoughts.

Jade (Blue)

Blue Jade is used to calm the nervous system and bring peace and clarity to the mind. It is also be helpful in promoting spiritual visions and deep dreams.

Jade (Lavender)

Lavender jade is the stone of purification, helping us to cleanse ourselves of toxic emotions, making this the perfect crystal for meditation retreats and spiritual practitioners of all kinds.

Jade (Purple)

Purple Jade cleanses our aura of all harmful emotions, allowing us to live spontaneously in the moment.

As a result, we are able to relax, lighten up, and enjoy our lives.

Jade (Red)

Red Jade is used primarily to dispel worry and fear, clearing the way for positive action.

These qualities are perfect for anyone who needs to overcome addiction and self-abusive thoughts.


jasper-crystalOften called the Supreme Nurturer, all varieties of Jasper resonate with a constant, slow, and nurturing vibration.

Jasper offers a calm and peaceful influence, alleviating stress and eliminating negative energy, making it an ideal worry stone to carry with you.

Jasper (Brown)

Brown Jasper is a stone of protection in both the physical and spiritual realms.

Carrying or wearing Brown Jasper has a grounding and cleansing effect, eliminating toxins and negative energy from both the physical and energy bodies.

Jasper (Red)

All Jaspers have a calming or stabilizing influence, and Red Jasper is used to alleviate stress and bring clarity of mind.

Wearing or carrying Red Jasper protects you from physical harm, and can provide you with clarity of mind when you are in danger.

Jasper (Green)

Known as the Bringer of Rain, Green Jasper has been used as a stone of protection since ancient times.

Wearing Green Jasper is the perfect antidote for those who are dealing with delusional thoughts and nightmares, and can ward off hostile entities and negative energies.

Jasper (Yellow)

Yellow Jasper can be worn or carried to build self-confidence and optimism, enhancing your feelings of self-esteem.

Yellow Jasper can also help us quell worries and mental chatter, making us more open to building friendships and relationships.

Kambaba Jasper

kambala jaspers
Copyright: bjbj112 / 123RF Stock Photo

With its dark green circles and mystical swirls, Kambaba Jasper seems to be imbued with the nurturing forces of Nature itself.

Wearing Kambaba Jasper may also help us attract prosperity by increasing the flow of money and opportunity in our lives.


kunziteThis pale pink or violet gemstone is often called the Woman’s Stone, or the Stone of Emotion due to the connections it opens up between the mind and heart.

The soft, pink ray emitted by the Kunzite crystal brings comfort to children and mothers who are experiencing difficult times, and can even cleanse negative energies from the environment.


Kyanite-crystalKyanite is a crystal of connection, opening and aligning the Chakras, promoting open communication between adversarial parties.

Carrying or wearing Kyanite when you are in the midst of negotiations or disputes promotes harmony and cooperation.


Labradorite-gemstoneThis magical stone is said to have fallen from the Aurora Borealis and possess magical qualities including the ability to shield our aura from negative energies, and strengthen our energy systems from within.

Labradorite empowers us to develop our innate magical powers and gives us the ability to access the higher spirit guides.

Laguna Agate

Laguna Agatelaguna agate crystal is the most highly prized form of agate in the world.

Comprised of brilliant bands of scarlet, red, and pale white, Laguna Agate offers a stabilizing and strengthening energy.

Wearing or carrying this agate promotes mental and emotional stability, making your mind agile and precise in intellectual endeavors.

Lapis Lazuli

lapis-lazuli-crystalKnown as the Stone of Universal Truth, Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought-after crystals in human history.

The vibrational energy of Lapis Lazuli stimulates wisdom and practical judgment, making it the perfect talisman for writers, journalists, executives, and psychological professionals.


larimarKnown as the Crystal of Serenity, Larimar promotes relaxation and peace in your home, workplace, and your heart.

Larimar makes an excellent worry stone, as it is particularly helpful if you have a fear of hospitals, doctors, medical treatments, and surgery.

Larimar is also known to cool down hot tempers, helping us guide our passionate energies into useful activities.


Known as the


Stone of Transformation, Malachite is the ideal stone for those who need protection from external toxins and negative energies.

Malachite is especially helpful for those who fear flying.

By holding a Malachite crystal and visualizing yourself in the wings of Archangel Raphael, and you will enjoy worry-free travel.


moldavite-crystalOften called the Stone of Connection, Moldavite is reserved for those who are destined to realize their Divine Purpose.

Moldavite emits an intense frequency, unique in the crystal world.

This vibration will help its wearer counteract the forces of cynicism and world-weariness in the world today.

Moldavite’’s frequency is so intense that some may even feel light-headed in its presence.

Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite-crystalA fusion of fiery red and yellow energies, Mookaite is a bold Australian Jasper that emits a vibrational frequency that is strong and invigorating.

By carrying Mookaite Jasper, you will connect with the deepest and most elemental powers of the Earth, increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem.


MoonstoneMoonstone crystal, known as the Traveler’s Stone, provide’s protection for those traveling by night or by water.

Those who travel frequently are advised to keep a moonstone in their glove compartment or carry-on bag for protection against difficulties and dangers associated with travel.


morganiteOften referred to as the Crystal of Divine Love, Morganite is a radiant pink-peach crystal that warms both the heart and soul.

Carrying or wearing Morganite will evoke a sense of peace and inner strength, increasing your confidence and feelings of personal power.

The presence of Morganite can also encourage a sense of fair-play and equal treatment of others, promoting a sense of equality in all relationships.

Moss Agate

moss agateKnown as the Stone of Growth, the Moss Agate provides benefit to farmers and those seeking gifts from the Earth.

Moss Agate also helps those who wear it to attract abundance in all of its forms, leading to a gradual expansion of business dealings and a gradual increase in prosperity over time.

Moss Agate can also effectively reduce stress and increase physical strength, which makes it great for people who are recovering from illness or injury.


nuummite-crystalThe oldest known mineral on Earth, Nuummite is a shiny, black volcanic stone displaying flecks of red, orange, yellow, blue, and even violet.

Nuummite is often called the Sorcerer’s Stone because of its ability to foster personal luck, clairvoyance, and meaningful coincidences.


Obsidianobsidian-crystal offers us the gift of vision, but be careful because this powerful stone can show us things about the past, future, or our inner, deepest selves that we may not be prepared to learn.

Used in Shamanic Dreaming exercises as a dark or “Smoky Mirror”, Obsidian can help us overcome shocks and traumatic events, dissolving emotional blockages that are holding us back.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasperocean-jaspers-crystal resonates with a soothing vibration that draws its power from the ocean in which it is formed.

Often called the Atlantis Stone, this crystal helps reduce stress and alleviate anxiety, inducing a calm and peaceful tranquility that can cleanse and stabilize your aura.

When worn as a talisman, Sea Jasper can help us develop a calm and patient mind, allowing us to reach deep states of deep tranquility in meditation.


opal-crystalA radiant and brilliant rainbow-colored crystal, Opal is one of the oldest and most sought-after precious stones in the world.

Opal can be worn or carried as a talisman to absorb negative energies, protecting us from negative emotions we may encounter in our daily lives.


onyxA deep black stone, Onyx is commonly worn or carried as a protective amulet that can keep us awake and alert, protecting us from random disasters and psychological attacks.

Wearing Onyx can also help restore our strength when we have depleted our physical resources, increasing our self-confidence and zest for life.


peridotKnown as the Extreme Gem, Peridot is the birthstone of the month of August, and a crystal of regeneration, warmth, and well-being.

Peridot is most commonly used for its regenerative powers, helping us attune to the cycles of our lives.

As a stone of transformation, Peridot is known to dissipate negative thought patterns and emotional blockages, allowing us to overcome obstacles to our success.

Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper is characterized from other forms of Jasper by the masterful landscape scenes and patterns that naturally appear on it.

Historically, Picture Jasper has been used to locate power points in the Earth’s system of meridians, which can be helpful during home construction and setting up energy grids.

Picture Jasper is also a perfect meditation aid, naturally inspiring creative visualization, making it the perfect talisman to overcome creative blockages of all kinds.


pietersite-crystalKnown as the Tempest Stone, Pietersite dispels negative energies, cleanses our aura, and calms the nervous system.

Often used as a protective amulet, Pietersite can provide its wearer with protection from the natural elements, calming our nerves when we find ourselves driving in bad weather, or caught out in a storm.

Pink Quartz

Rose-quartzPink and Rose Quartz are most often used to reduce stress and alleviate anxiety. Pink Quartz resonates with a vibration that is both calming and reassuring.

Wearing or carrying Pink Quartz provides you with great strength, and activates the most loving and powerful nurturing energies within you.


PyriteKnown as the Crystal of Positive Energy and Fool’s Gold, Pyrite gleams with a beauty that rivals gold.

When worn or carried as an amulet, Pyrite is instrumental in deflecting danger and harmful energies.

Having a piece of Pyrite in your home or workplace will energize the entire environment, increasing the joy and vitality of everyone.

Pyrope Garnet

This lovely red garnet, known as the Stone of Vitality, is a healing crystal that can provide its bearer with physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

When worn regularly, Pyrope Garnet helps to boost circulation, heal blood disorders, and enhance the function of the digestive and immune systems.


quartzThough there are many varieties of Quartz, all of them are valued for their ability to transform heat and pressure into electromagnetic energy.

The main use of Quartz is the amplification of energies and their ability to protect people from negative energies.

Wear Quartz as a necklace, or carry it as an amulet, and you will enjoy the clarity of mind and the ability to focus without distraction.

Que Sera Stone

Known as the Perfect Jewel, Que Sera Stone is one of the most uplifting and important talismans commonly unearthed today.

Carrying or wearing Que Sera Stones allows you to connect with the positive energy of the Universe, allowing us to open all of the energy centers in the body.

Que Sera Stones help people release fears and deal with troubling phobias.

Red Beryl

Red BerylOften called the Right Time Crystal, Red Beryl is a rare find, as well as an incredible tool for healers.

The high vibration of this stone improves physical vitality and mental clarity, increasing the self-confidence and wisdom of all who wear it.


Rhodochrosite is an alluring rose colored crystal that emits a pulsating energy of compassion and love.

Often called the Stone of the Compassionate Heart, Rhodochrosite elevates the mood and joyfulness of all who carry or wear it.

Wearing Rhodochrosite can help you express your feelings more passionately, and attract the perfect soulmate into your life.


rhodolite-crystalKnown as the Stone of Inspiration, Rhodolite is a type of garnet that inspires love, kindness, and emotional healing.

The vibration of Rhodolite is attuned to our guardian angels, making it an excellent stone for protection and healing.


RhodoniteThe stone of the Heart Chakra, Rhodonite powerful crystal helps us dispel anxiety and face challenging situations with grace.

This crystal also cleanses our aura and can protect us from negative energies like hostility, envy, and jealousy.

Rose Quartz

Known as the Crystal of Unconditional Love, Rose Quartz is the mothering crystal, inspiring nurturing energies when worn or placed in the environment.

Rose Quartz can also be helpful for those who have trouble sleeping or are plagued by night terrors and can help children overcome fear of the dark.


Ruby is a crystal with a special connection to royalty and power, which is why it is known as the Gem of Kings.

Ruby’s high flying energy helps us overcome feelings of exhaustion by stimulating our circulation and energizing our entire system.

Samadhi Quartz

Found in the high peaks of the Himalayas, Samadhi Quartz crystals can make an environment suitable for meditation.

The highly spiritual energy of this crystal provides a soothing and calm ambiance, contributing to an unhurried and blissful environment.


sapphireKnown as the Gem of Wisdom, the Sapphire has been revered since ancient times for its royal blue hues and its ability to grant mystical powers.

Wear or carry Sapphire as a protective talisman that will help you release unwanted mental tension, and repetitive, afflictive thoughts.

Sapphire fortifies our wisdom and helps us maintain self-discipline by allowing us to maintain a clear and focused mind.

Sapphire (Black)

Black Sapphire relieves anxiety and feelings of sorrow by increasing your confidence in your own abilities.

This variety of Sapphire should be worn or carried by those who are seeking work or are anxious about maintaining their current employment.

Sapphire (Green)

The Green Sapphire encourages wisdom and integrity. When worn or carried it promotes feelings of compassion for others and may stimulate your ability to remember dreams.

Sapphire (Orange)

Orange Sapphire connects us to our innate wisdom, making it the perfect talisman for creative people like artists, writers, and musicians.

Sapphire (Pink)

Pink Sapphire is a stone of resilience, encouraging compassion, love, and forgiveness.

When worn or carried, Pink Sapphire acts as a protective amulet for emotional and psychological protection.

Sapphire (Violet)

Violet Sapphire aligns us with the wisdom of spiritual revelation. An excellent crystal for meditation, Violet Sapphire opens the crown Chakra, initiating peace and oneness.

Sapphire (White)

White Sapphire promotes unity and strength, providing us with the energy to overcome obstacles on the spiritual path.

Sapphire (Yellow)

The vibration of Yellow Sapphire helps us attract the external conditions and inner force of will to achieve our personal ambitions.


seleniteBecause of its clear to pale-white hue, Selenite is known as the moon crystal.

When worn on a necklace or carried as an amulet, Selenite makes an excellent talisman for women, increasing fertility, providing support during pregnancy, and spreading warmth and harmony.


Seranditeserandite is a rare pink crystal that promotes harmony and unification.

When placed or carried into an environment, Serandite promotes feelings of harmony and love, making it useful in homes with extended families.


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Seraphinite, which means the Stone of the Seraphim Angels, is well known for its high spiritual energy and its ability to energize and cleanse all of the Chakras.

Seraphinite is worn or carried to dispel energetic blockages, and is often combined with therapies like acupuncture to promote healing and cleansing of the energy body.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz CrystalKnown as the “Stone of Power”, Smoky Quartz is a dark and rare beauty that helps relieve stress and anxiety, giving us a feeling of being steady and grounded.

With the ability to absorb negative energies such as sorrow and misfortune, Smoky Quartz gives its owner the ability to cleanse themselves of negatives and overcome obstacles.


sodaliteKnown as the “Logic Stone”, Sodalite is the ideal talisman for those who suffer from anxiety, impulsivity, and oversensitivity.

Since it enhances creativity and artistic inspiration, Sodalite is a great talisman for writers. By balancing the emotions, Sodalite engenders mental clarity, focus, and clear communication.


SpessartineOften called the “Garnet of the Sun”, Spessartine is used to heal reproductive and digestive disorders, and also works as an antidepressant which can fend off nightmares.

Spirit Quartz

spirit-quartz-crystalThis radiant crystal is excellent for attuning the collective energy in an environment, making it the ideal stone for promoting collective action and feelings of community.

Placing the spirit quartz crystal in your home can stimulate feelings of peace and healing in the environment.


spodumeneCalled the “Stone of Emotional Space”, wearing or carrying Spodumene can help us remain on task and carry our obligations through to their completion.

This cleansing crystal is ideal to have in the office or workplace as it can shield everyone in the environment from harmful energies.


sugiliteKnown as the “Shield of Light”, Sugilite is a powerful violet crystal that is especially useful for those who are sensitive to energies in their environment.

Wearing Sugilite, or carrying it as an amulet, will protect you from negative energies and give you a palpable feeling of freedom and joy.


sunstoneThis illuminating crystal shines with the radiance of a solar ray, and is worn or carried to help its wearer attract abundance, fame, and prosperity.

Sunstone also offers health benefits, increasing youth, vitality, and overall fitness.


TanzaniteKnown as the “Stone of Transmutation”, Tanzanite is the ideal crystal for those who are just starting to explore their psychic abilities.

Carrying an amulet of Tanzanite can protect you from negative energies and help you overcome communication problems and other difficulties.

Tiffany Stone

Tiffany Stonetiffany-stone inspires us to take a spiritual journey. By awakening, the spiritual aspect of our lives, the energy of Tiffany Stone enhances clarity of mind and inspires us to de-clutter our environment.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a lucky stone and protective talisman that can help us attract a steady stream of abundance into our lives.

Tiger’s Eye provides us with a boost of emotional stability and personal power, helping us overcome obstacles and decrease our cravings for addictive substances.


topazAs a talisman of good fortune, Topaz can help us to attract our desired circumstances into our lives.

Wearing or carrying Topaz can help us achieve states of mental clarity and creative inspiration, dispelling obstacles to our personal success.

Tourmaline (Black)

TourmalineBlack Tourmaline is a crystal used by Shamans to provide protection during their rituals.

This protective stone is soothing to those who suffer from claustrophobia and panic attacks.

Tourmaline (Blue)

Blue Tourmaline imbues its wearer with peace and tranquility and can be kept under the pillow at night to ensure restful sleep and pleasant dreams.

Tourmaline (Green)

Green Tourmaline, or Verdelite, is a healing stone which can be extremely beneficial for the heart.

Green Tourmaline can help us attract good luck, success, and prosperity by inspiring our creativity and protecting us from negative or harmful energies.

Tourmaline (Pink)

The Crystal of the Heart Chakra, carrying or wearing Pink Tourmaline relieves stress, soothes worry, and dispels anxiety, awakening the energies of love and compassion within us.

Tourmaline (Red)

Red Tourmaline should be worn to protect us from the negative effects caused by computers, microwaves, and other types of electronic devices.

Red Tourmaline can also awaken a kind and loving heart in us, greatly enhancing our ability to experience and understand love.


TurquoiseKnown as the Sky Stone, Turquoise possesses strong protective powers that can help us avoid and recover from injuries and falls.

Wearing or carrying Turquoise can foster our leadership skills, help us overcome creative blocks, and avoid bad investments.

Turritella Agate

Turritella Agate is a protective stone that connects us to our ancestors.

Wearing or carrying Turritella Agate alleviates our fears, protects us in dangerous situations, and keeps us connected to the people we love.


Known as the Stone of Conquerors, Umbalite is the ideal stone to provide us with emotional healing and encouragement.

Wearing Umbalite in the workplace will instantly make you more productive without sacrificing the quality or integrity of your work.

Unakite Jasper

Wearing or carrying Unakite Jasper helps balance our energies and unify our efforts, allowing us to conquer difficult addictions like overeating, alcohol, and smoking.

Wearing this stone may help us attract business success and a heightened sense of intuition.

Uvarovite Garnet

This lush emerald-colored gem offers increased physical vitality by strengthening the heart and vital organs.

Uvarovite Garnet also offers psychological benefits including increased feelings of independence, self-esteem, and optimism.